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Orange County, California Attorney

Are you subjected to workplace harassment, retaliation or discrimination because of your age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, immigration status, pregnancy, workplace injury, bringing your concerns to the attention of your supervisor or HR (complaining), asking for your rest breaks/meal breaks, demanding that you are paid properly? Were you terminated or fired? If so, you need the aid of a skilled and experienced attorney to protect your rights and your interests.

Jihad M. Smaili

Principal & Partner

Mr. Smaili has dedicated his practice to the plight of the undervalued and abused employee, as well as certain personal injury and medical malpractice cases.
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Stephen D. Counts

Litigation & Trial Lawyer

Since 2004, Mr. Counts' practice has been focused on representing individuals in matters involving harm caused to them by the wrongdoing of others.
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Shoka Kach


Ms. Kach represents her clients in discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, harassment, and unpaid wage. As well as select personal injury and medical malpractice.
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Kenan Rahmani


Mr. Rahmani is a Syrian-American political and human rights activist. He has a law degree from the American University Washington College of Law and a Masters in International Affairs.
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Tenacious Representation During Troubling Times

I have dedicated my legal practice to advocating the cause of the disabled, harassed and abused employee. In today's volatile political climate, I understand the impact these legal issues have on the lives of every client and their family. As your attorney, I am dedicated to providing aggressive and professional legal services to protect the rights of workplace victims.

We offer the following unique skill set in prosecuting your Employment Law or Personal Injury claim.

  • The ability to quickly assess the strength of your case, investigate, gather and preserve information, and present the strongest possible argument on our clients' behalf
  • A sound feel for assessing the value of a case, not only in terms of the settlement value of a claim, but also in finding, when necessary, a good compromise point
  • An ability to identify with the underdog facing much larger and more powerful adversaries in employment law cases
  • Effective trial and negotiation skills in highly competitive litigation settings


We don't win, unless you win! And, you don't pay for our services unless you win!
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Tens of millions of dollars for our clients in verdicts, judgments, and settlements

A quarter-century of dedicated legal services rooted in community and giving the underdog a fair shot at justice

I am satisfied, the attorney Smaili represented my case, resolved it and everything went great/well. Everything he did for my case, he did well.

- Angel B.

I would recommend Attorney Smaili to everyone, he did an excellent job with my case. I am very happy and pleased with the outcome.

- Sheila S.

Best lawyer I ever had! HONEST! Great service. He worked hard on the case. I would recommend him for anyone because he's really a good lawyer.

- Azzam S.

To whom it may concern, Smaili and Associates took on my case when over 15 other law firms declined. Also, they doubled the amount that I received, from my previous firms' offer. Thanks Smaili and Associates.

- Vince R.

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*NOTE: Every case has a unique set of facts, and no two cases are the same. The above statistics are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as being indicative of a successful result. There are no guarantees, except one: We will do everything in our power to put our team to work on your case in order to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.