June 3, 2014

1. I am very satisfied and happy with the work that Attorney Jihad Smaili performed in my case and with the results. I will no doubt be recommending him to others. From the first time I met Mr. Smaili I trusted him, he was very professional, efficient, secure and I admire him. I never once thought that he would disappoint me and I am very thankful. “God bless you and I hope you can still help more people”

-Maria P.

2. To whom it may concern, Smaili and Associates took on my case when over 15 other law firms declined. Also, they doubled the amount that I received, from my previous firms’ offer. Thanks Smaili and Associates.

-Vince R.

3. I am satisfied, the attorney Smaili represented my case, resolved it and everything went great/well. Everything he did for my case, he did well.

-Angel B.

4. Best lawyer I ever had! HONEST! Great service. He worked hard on the case. I would recommend him for anyone because he’s really a good lawyer. 

-Azzam S.

5. As I entered the door into the law office, I felt a serene calm around me. It was this moment I knew I was going to be on the best care. I didn’t worry or have a self doubt. When I met attorney Smaili, he had contact with me, firm handshake and told me pleasure to meet you & how can I be of service. I explained I had a previous attorney “Lawrence something,” don’t recall last name, and received paperwork to sign and send back because your case is finished, attorney Smaili mentioned did your attorney cover all the necessary areas for you, did you see a neurologist for the tingling, I said no, did he address future care, my Ortho Dr.Yocum put that on his exam, so no. The area that he seemed to care about is when I made a(n) appointment with QME Dr.Steiger. He mentioned to say Hello & you were referred by Lawrence something, when I mentioned that the QME, smiled and said he is a good man. That’s when I knew he sold me down the river. After brief conversation over a needle stick when grazed the nerve and the time limit, attorney Smaili told me and looked directly at me, that we would agree to take my case, at that moment I felt another wave of calm, not only was the light on at the end of tunnel, attorney Smaili was driving the vehicle. The outcome of my case was a blessing, it filled a void only I knew existed. I was very grateful to attorney Smaili & Associates for taking my case when I thought all was lost. Smaili & Associates take care of your legal needs & treat you like family.

-Joe P.

6. I would recommend Attorney Smaili to everyone, he did an excellent job with my case. I am very happy and pleased with the outcome.

-Sheila S.












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